green initiatives

green initiatives

Our St. Charles, MO team at prasino is well-educated in organic standards and national certification requirements central to our eco-friendly mission. We can confidently assure our customers we have done extensive research and have found exceptional vendors that work with us in responsible stewardship of the environment.

behind the scenes

prasino is equipped with high-efficiency energy appliances in our kitchens and rest rooms. We insist on the use of “green” cleaning products. Our use of reclaimed, recyclable and sustainable materials contribute to lower greenhouse gases and harmful landfill. Buying local and seasonal food decreases the amount of gas emissions required to transport our ingredients from vendors to our restaurant.


on our plates

prasino requires our food and beverage vendors to provide appropriate government documentation certifying their licenses are fully legitimate and current. All meat and poultry are anti-biotic/hormone-free. Our vendors practice humane treatment in raising livestock, which are all vegetarian fed. The ranchers and farmers we partner with additionally practice sustainability of their land.